How did YouTube Appear?

Not many people know, but the site was conceived and implemented as a dating site. Only it had one unusual feature for that time – the ability to upload its own videos. Over time, a publicly available function has appeared that now allows you not only to upload your own content, but also download any other you like.

Many people don’t know how to “pull out” their favorite videos out of the stream of others, but it’s easier than it seems at first glance! With the development of technologies, the ways to curb them are also developing, that is, various free services like how to download YouTube video, which will provide a high-quality download of any video in a matter of minutes! This is a godsend for those who are accustomed to the classic approach to watching their favorite video libraries, keeping pleasant impressions not only in their hearts, but also in their gadgets.

So, according to the idea of developers and creators Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, Jawed Karim such a site would help users to easily and conveniently post videos with their participation, and dating would be much easier.

However, the users themselves determined the fate of the future Internet giant: most of the videos uploaded to YouTube were not about the users themselves, but about what is happening around them. Hurley, Chen and Karim immediately realized that this was a signal by which, in order to make the site more successful, a rebranding should be done.

Who are the founders of YouTube? Hurley, Chen and Karim are colleagues at PayPal. The first is the chief designer. The last two are development engineers. The very idea of ​​creating belongs to Chad Hurley. Then he “seduced” his friends. After that, all three decided to say goodbye to their work at PayPal and take up a new interesting project.

Why is YouTube so Successful?

The key idea of ​​the service finally took shape afterwards: the guys wanted to create a site with which they could easily share some video with their friends. But also another “feature” of the project was to be the function of evaluating the video by other users.

Young people with their idea appeared on the service market at the right time. After all, before, in order to send videos to friends, they used e-mail (which is extremely inconvenient due to its small capacity), as well as a BitTorrent client or video hosting. The last option was also imperfect: when uploading to the server, the video volume was strictly limited, and in order to “expand” the possibilities, you had to pay a monthly subscription. In addition, the situation was clouded by the fact that it was impossible to watch video in real time. We had to wait a very long time for it to load completely. And even this did not guarantee that the video could still be viewed.

Therefore, Hurley, Chen and Karim could only take into account all the disadvantages of existing online services and create something fundamentally new, focused on users who want to actively share video content.

This is the main reason for the success of the YouTube creator team. This proves that not only an idea, but also a competent creative implementation allows you to bring an idea to a resounding success.

The convenience of watching videos on was ensured by the fact that you no longer needed to download a special player or codec. Developers began to use players based on Macromedia Flash. It is also now possible to search for videos by keywords, watch thematic video selections, etc. Additionally, YouTube is the first to have a video rating feature. Consequently, the top of the most popular videos was formed by user ratings.

Another important factor in why YouTube was among the six most developing services in the first month of its existence is the content of the site itself. Thanks to the service, it became possible to distribute popular content, which, as a rule, is protected by copyright. Finding it on the Internet was not easy before. also made some kind of revolution: thanks to the keywords that users used to tag each uploaded video, now it was much easier to find another similar video.

Next Step of Development

founders of youtube

A sharp impetus for the growth of YouTube traffic was the daily giveaway of iPod Nano 4Gb players, which was organized with funds from investors. The number of site visits from December 50 million per day increased to 250 million in January 2006. This was also facilitated by the download of a video clip shown in the next issue of the musical and humorous program Saturday Night Live on NBC.

In May, analytics company Alexa Internet reported that had 2 billion daily traffic, making it the 10th most visited site in the US.

An interesting curiosity caused by the rapid rise in popularity of YouTube and associated with the name of the service occurred when Universal Tube&Rollform Equipment filed a lawsuit. The essence of the claim was that users who incorrectly entered the name of the site in the address bar ended up on the site, owned by the media giant. Due to the large number of such errors, the Universal Tube&Rollform Equipment website was often unavailable. The claim was never satisfied, and the company had to change its domain address to

The popularity of YouTube continues to grow and by July the site in the US has moved to the 5th place in the ranking of the most popular sites.

To Conclude

YouTube is the third most popular site in the world today. Perhaps someday will take the place of modern television. Already on YouTube there are online broadcasts of concerts, lectures and seminars that can be watched live. And video bloggers make huge money on YouTube.

This is how a seemingly ordinary dating site was able to grow into a fundamentally new video hosting. To win the people’s love and widespread popularity. This is truly a landmark achievement. After all, YouTube was able to overtake already existing competitors (, opened in 2004 and Google Video). And, most importantly, his story doesn’t stop there.